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Learn Scrum

Learn the Scrum framework, become a Certified Scrum Master, and gain the knowledge needed to implement Scrum with your team

Scrum training

Become a Certified Scrum Master

The CSM (Certified Scrum Master) certification is the most recognized in the market and is accredited by Scrum Alliance. Only certified Scrum trainers and registered education providers can deliver CSM courses.

Truly Scrum training programs are organized by 5D Vision , a Registered Education Provider (REP) with Scrum Alliance. We have delivered Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner courses to thousands of students since 2019.

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The Scrum Framework

Scrum is a framework to build new products iteratively and incrementally. Learn about the Scrum Workflow and the five Scrum events:

Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective

You can also download the official Scrum Guide

Sprint Your Way to Scrum

50 Practical Tips to Accelerate Your Scrum

Learn and improve your knowledge of Scrum with 50 questions and answers from experienced Scrum Trainers.

This book is for Scrum practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Agile Coaches who want to refine their expertise and to take Scrum to the next level.

The Scrum framework

Scrum is an Agile framework for developing new products and extending existing ones. Scrum is o…


The Sprint is an iteration during which the Scrum team builds an increment of the product and presen…

Sprint Planning
Sprint Planning

At the beginning a new Sprint, before we can do any work, we need to plan what we are going to work …

Daily Scrum
Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is an opportunity for the Developers to get together and inspect their progress towa…

Sprint Review
Sprint Review

At the end of the Sprint, the work that the Developers selected in the Sprint Backlog should be comp…

Sprint Retrospective
Sprint Retrospective

On the last day of the Sprint, after the Sprint Review and before closing off the Sprint, the Scrum …

Our community of experts is here to help

We are a community of expert Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Scrum Trainers, and we are here to share our expertise, provide coaching, and help you prepare for your next Scrum job as Scrum Master or Product Owner.