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6 WHY questions for Scrum Masters

These questions are designed to gauge your inner “WHY”, your motivation and personal objectives. Why is Scrum important for you? Why is Scrum valuable for your team?

The interviewer may be looking not for the “right” answer to these questions, but more for your personal view of things. Is your answer bland and cookie-cutter? Or do you provide an interesting and well-thought perspective? Who are you as a Scrum Master and what shall we expect from you?

Why did you become a Scrum Master?

Looking for: your inner motivation for pursuing a career in Scrum and for helping teams improve effectiveness.

Why should a team strive to adopt Scrum more effectively?

Looking for: understanding of what value Scrum brings to a team or organization; and, why does this matter to you?

Why are the five Scrum Values important for you?

Looking for: understanding of the five Scrum values, unique perspective on the values, and one example of why a Scrum value is important

What are the consequences when the values are not present?

Looking for: understanding of the five Scrum values, a real-life example of when you worked with a team and one of the values was not present

Why are Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation the core pillars of Scrum?

Looking for: understanding of the three pillars of Empiricism; and, understanding of your own perspective on what makes working with these three pillars important for you or for your team.

Why is Scrum Master a full-time role?

Looking for: understanding of the core responsibilities of the Scrum Master and of what makes this role valuable for the team; and, your perspective on possible challenges when this role is not fully supported within the organization.

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