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8 questions about your Scrum Master EXPERIENCE

These questions are about your EXPERIENCE with Scrum. How have you applied it in your life, how have you helped the team solve its challenges? There is no right or wrong way to answer these questions, as they are designed to gauge your level of experience with Scrum, rather than your perfect knowledge of it. Tap into your life experience to answer these questions, and bring up real examples or stories.

If you have never worked with a Scrum team before, you may still be able to answer these questions by looking at your experience: in fact, you may have experienced similar situations in other contexts, and we invite you to share those stories. Tap into your own experiences, and share how they relate to what a Scrum Master may do.

Can you share an example of the action items of your last retrospective and how did you support the team in implementing these results?

Can you share an example of one situation where you would recommend using Scrum and another when you would not?

Can you share an example of a mistake you have made and what did you learn from it?

What was your last experiment about and what did you/your team learn from it?

What is one thing you learned recently about Scrum and how did you learn it?

How do you like to facilitate the Daily Scrum?

If you have used Scrum in your personal life, how have you used it, and why?

Tell me of a time when someone on the team had a conflict with someone else, and how did you help to address it?

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