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Sprint Review

At the end of the Sprint, the work that the Developers selected in the Sprint Backlog should be completed, and the Scrum team can present the Increment they created to the stakeholders for inspection and adaptation. The Sprint Review is held on the last day of the Sprint.

The Sprint Review is an informal meeting where the Scrum team and the stakeholders (and customers, when possible) inspect what was accomplished during the Sprint and provide feedback to the Scrum team. Ideally, the stakeholders get an opportunity to use the product Increment, play with it, test it, and provide feedback about their experience. This is much more than a “demo”, and it’s more a working session based on collaboration. The goal of the Sprint Review is to get feedback from stakeholders, validate the Increment, and provide transparency on status.

As a result of the discussion, the Product Backlog and the release plans are adapted to reflect what the team learned, optimize the value delivered in the next Sprint, and decide whether to release or not. This increases transparency.

It is essential that stakeholders participate at Sprint Review. Their feedback on the work completed and on the plan for what to do next is essential. And also, this is an opportunity to get status on how the work on the product is progressing. In fact, I always recommend to stakeholders that, if they want to know the status of the work the team is doing, they should come to the Sprint Review. This is THE opportunity for stakeholders to interact with the Scrum team, evaluate progress on the product, provide feedback, and decide next steps.

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